Monday, 22 October 2007


Ronnie flips burgers for a living

The hours are long and the pay is minimum wage.

Ronnie sweats over a hot griddle.

Flippin burgers.

Ronnie was once told that the guy that flips the burgers
gets to poke the girls on the till. For def. Ronnie has
discovered this is far from true. The black dudes with
the cornrow hairstyles get to poke the girls on the tills,
the guys that wear do-rags and look like they want to be
gangsters fromdowntown LA, they get to poke the girls
on the tills.

Pretty much everyone smokes weed out the back by the
cardboard compactor. No one seems to mind this.

Ronnie stares at the grill for minutes at a time. The
burgers burn a little bit. Sweat drops onto the hotplate
with a hiss.

The utensil Ronnie uses to flip the burgers is a wallpaper
scraper. It has been used as a wallpaper scraper and has
flecks of paint on it.

Ronnie happens to know the meat content in the burgers is
not as high as the customers are lead to believe. Ronnie
happens to know a guy who worked in a slaughter house.
The guy that Ronnie knows says that the last thing you ever
want to eat is a sausage or a burger that you haven’t made
yourself. Allsorts go into these things. Bones, eyelids and
ball sacks, sawdust, spit and gristle. There's Spine, offal,
hoof, cock.

Ronnie still eats a burger every lunchtime.


chris killen said...

i liked this.

Frank Morgan said...

ay carumba!

*basks in glory*

nice one Chris, thanks for reading my blog