Monday, 19 November 2007

Hung Over

I hate shaving, you always need a shave when you can least be bothered to do it.

A mobile phone rings constantly in another room.

My teeth feel loose in my head, like the gum has dried and receded. I am afraid to look at them in the mirror or even touch them. I can taste blood.

I’d like lots of small cotton wool balls to stuff into my mouth. I’m not sure that this will help but the thought is comforting. I think I would feel safer if my mouth was full of cotton wool.

I need to hydrate.

A mobile phone rings constantly in another room but I don’t recognise the ringtone.

There is broken glass all over the kitchen floor.


Socrates Adams-Florou said...

I feel a very strong bond with Mr.Morgan.Is he like this guy?


Frank Morgan said...

pretty much, except older and drunker


chris killen said...

good work. my face made the sound of a strapped-on swan when i read this post. it was somewhere between the general flapping of wings and 'graceland' by paul simon.

(socrates adams-florou is like some kind of door-to-door youtube evangelist. don't listen to him.)

Frank Morgan said...

I'm going to take the 'strapped on swan' effect this post had on you as a compliment (my teeth stopped grinding when i read your comment - that's always a positive sign)


Socrates Adams-Florou said...

You better watch yourself killen or I'm going to trap you.

Frank Morgan said...

there's only one way to resolve this war of words between SAF & CK . . .