Monday, 26 November 2007

Things I like about Denmark

Today, for my lunch I had a can of Special Brew and a Danish pastry.

These are probably my two favourite things about Denmark.

If I ever went to Denmark I’d find a boozer that sold Special Brew on tap. I wouldn’t be quite so bothered about Danish pastries but if the boozer in question happened to have a couple in a glass display cabinet then yeah I’d buy them.


Duncan Cheshire said...

Two of my favourite things about Denmark are Tuborg Christmas beer, and the aesthetically pleasing inhabitants.

Two things I don't like about Denmark are the price of Tuborg Christmas beer (£10 for 2 pints in the pub), and the fact that words such as 'please', 'excuse me' and 'sorry' are rarely used by the inhabitants.

I'm sure there are places to buy Special Brew on tap. The Carlsberg Brewery may be one.

I think this comment has a greater word count than the post. I'll be quiet now.

xtx said...

i am friends with two people from denmark.

I had some yuleglugg at their house over Xmas.

They are drinkers, they are...

The laugh when i call themn Denmarkians

Frank Morgan said...

Nice one DC - as well as my lunch, your holiday also inspired this post.

I haven't met very many people from Denmark but those I did meet were a) particularly easy on the eye, but b) had no reason to apologise to me so I can't comment on that part.

xmas beer sounds aces

XTX - LOL Denmarkians – That is now firmly lodged in my vocabulary, just in case I meet any more err Denmarkians!


Frank Morgan said...

wait a minute, that's five quid a pint!!

apants said...

Fuck that shit. Pabst Blue Ribbon!

Another Frank said that I suppose.

Duncan Cheshire said...

The apology thing is a cultural difference I noticed: coming from a culture where excessive apologising for anything is the order of the day, it was a surprise to visit a place where the opposite is the norm.

I picked up this trait and am now unable to say 'excuse me' or 'sorry' unless I have just barged someone to the ground. It's very liberating.

All the Danes I met were really hospitable people. I think of them as Denmarkians now.

Frank Morgan said...

Miss Apants refers to a Mr. Frank Booth I believe. Now I've never had no 'Blue Ribbon' Beer but that guy probably knows what he's talking about . . .

And I don't think Frank Booth ever said sorry in his life. He'd just laugh in your face as you squirmed on the floor

sam pink said...

pbr is good to drink if you desire certain things:

1. to have a dry mouth
2. to enjoy nintendo immensely
3. to gain the courage to pull off one of your own fingernails
4. to smell like pbr
5. to feel like the inside of your eyes are clotted with thick dirt.
6. to sit alone on your couch and wrap your winter coat around you because the fucking apartment is freezing and you can't stop thinking about yelling into the window and drawing a circle in the steam and thinking about how ephemeral the circle is and what if any are the consequences of wanting to bury your head beneath a couch cushion and sleep for three weeks.

apants said...

PBR has won a blue ribbon. That's first place. I don't know how they do things in Denmark or Anglitotown but in the U.S.A. first place gets a big fat blue ribbon and no one says I'm sorry. Next time you want to drink your Pabst Blue Ribbon and pull your fingernails off and your cool friend says, "hey, try this imported fancy stuff that costs five quid a pint," you can ask him, "How many blue ribbons has it won? None? Hmmm...interesting."

Being from Denmark means never having to say "I love you."

Being Frank Booth means often having to say, "Baby wants to fuck! Baby wants to fuck Blue Velvet!"

Frank Morgan said...

PBR Sounds like the sh!t

I hate my dirty fingernails and I love playing Nintendo, the jury is out on Frank Booth

You know, I'd like to drive out to the country with 20 cans of that stuff in the back. I'd park up in a lay-by and just start drinking till the whole damn stash was gone then I'd wander about in the dark trying to dig the dirt from my eyes with my bloody fingers and God, yeah, it'd be better than just sitting around here waiting to die.