Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The last 10 searches that lead to this blog

frank morgan dead
100 day cough
frank morgan =dead
hundred day cough
sarah morgan transvestite
100 day cough china
frank morgan
leave your light on by frank morgan
one hundred day cough
burger paints for living room

What can I take from that list?

a) I don't think any of these people were disappointed (apart from the ‘burger paints’ guy wtf was that about?)

b) I can probably console myself with the fact I'm probably not the only person dying from the Chinese 100 day cough.

c) Wait, Frank Morgan =dead?? Are the 100 days up already??

d) Who found out about my transvestite alter ego Sarah??


xtx said...

i am intrigued by burger paint.

Frank Morgan said...

it does sound delicious, but I'd want it in the kitchen rather than the living room I think

sam pink said...

look, i ran out of rib-sandwich paint so i needed a fucking substitute, lay off.

Frank Morgan said...

mmmmmm rib sandwiches

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

i'm back. or rather my computer is back. burger paint is what gives them the lovely brown colour

apants said...

I think "Sarah Morgan:Transvestite" would be a great name for a detective/crime type of novel or story because, see, she would be a private dick and she would HAVE a private dick. Priceless. I am a fucking genius. Someone bottle me and feed me to the masses in the water!