Monday, 2 March 2009

keyword analysis

Listed below are the latest search terms that have lead people to this blog.

Should I be concerned?

Some of these things, well I'm not sure I want to be associated with them I mean look at the list!

One thing that has come out is that, according to Google, i'm a leading authority on the chinese 100 day cough:


See? Now that is worrying.

Here's the rest of the search terms that lead to this site:

hundred day cough
frank morgan
frank the rabbit face
omg wtf srsly
frank morgan bird calls blogspot
5 things that you like about denmark
dickless friends
prepubescent ladyboy
night owl wine labels
i am frank morgan
private diary incest
socrates adams-florou youtube
dickless males post op pictures
what is this hundred day cough
manzillian nude
frank morgan dance
what is a manzillian
omg srsly like wtf definition
i want your blood snail frank
frank ladyboy
fully clothed night owls
don't wear aftershave
dickless men pic
dickless boy
rabbit face
why do my teeth feel loose when i'm hung over?


Anonymous said...

what is a manzilian anyway?

Frank Morgan said...

a manzilian is the male equivalent of 'brazilian' wax, google it but probably not at work

Stephen Roberts said...

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